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We encourage individuals to study and continuously reinvent the science of management, for the benefit of people and organizations

Corporate University represents Brand Academy's flagship project in the field of business education. Designed to lengthen the shelf life of knowledge and help align training with strategic business goals, Corporate University represents yet another unique initiative of Brand Academy's on the Romanian market.

With a rich portfolio of educational programmes aimed at developing a strategic perspective over business administration, Brand Academy's Corporate University represents a decentralized, strategic umbrella for the education and development of corporate employees as well as value chain members such as customers, partners, suppliers, re-sellers and dealers.

Most importantly, BA's CU is a chief vehicle for disseminating the 21st century's corporate culture and fostering the development of not only job skills but also core workplace skills such as learning-to-learn, leadership, creative thinking, and problem solving.

In a nutshell, BA's CU aims at being a catalyst for the growth of all businesses and individuals.

What do we focus on?

We focus on educational programmes aimed at providing interactive, insightful information and analysis about issues facing businesses and brands around the world, especially in Eastern Europe. Our courses are developed through research and a deep understanding of the critical concerns facing professionals such as yourself and they are addressed by experts who master extensive knowledge and practical experience in their respective areas.

We focus on providing maximum returns to our students, as well as total customer care. We strive for every programme to make a long lasting impact on our attendees through the provision of insightful information, practical case studies and in-depth discussion.

Over and above all, we take great pride in being a catalyst for the growth of all businesses and individuals.

Customized curriculum

Inherent in all work we perform is a deep understanding for how the best programs operate.

Our knowledge and practical experience in adapting program elements to real settings across multiple industries enable us to deliver organizational learning experiences with extreme efficiency.

There is no standard learning plan that every organization can adopt. The learning plan depends very much on the company's industry, market, target audience, as well as specific employee characteristics and development needs.

Brand Academy's Corporate University aims at providing research-backed expertise to optimize, improve upon, and add to learning and development programs to achieve successful business outcomes.

During the courses, students work with faculty and career professionals to map out customized educational and professional objectives and action plans. Faculty mentors continue to work with students throughout the programs to track their progress towards the achievement of their goals.

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